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It is always possible to put together exactly the package of supervision you would like. Here are no fixed package solutions, however
always the opportunity to vary the solution as needed. Documentation is done via email, phone calls, video or whatever you want.


Supervision items could be:

  • Exterior review of property and housing.

  • Interior review of housing.

  • Flushing of toilet, and other drains.

  • Check for moisture damage and other damage that may have occurred.

  • Check for pests, and removal of this.

  • Emptying mailbox.



Arrived at a cleaned home that smells nice and is ventilated. In close cooperation with the customer, we put together exactly the solution the customer wants.

If the home is rented out, we are happy to do the final cleaning after the guests have been taken home. If necessary, wash clothes, bed linen, towels, dry and put back in the home.


Cleaning items could be:

  • Vacuuming.

  • Floor washing.

  • Dusting.

  • Cleaning for guests / tenants.

  • Cleaning after pests.

  • Washing of bed linen, towels, etc..


Including what else might be desired or needed.


Various items could be:

  • Purchase of wine, beer, soda, food or whatever the desire may be.

  • 24-hour service / call to the home if necessary.

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